WorldStarHipHip founder ‘Q' dies getting rub-and-tug massage

The founder of the popular video curating website was reportedly at a massage parlor when he suddenly became unresponsive.


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SAN DIEGO — The founder of popular video curating website WorldStarHipHop has passed away, and in a way worthy of the world he built and left behind.

Lee O’Denat, better known as Q, was reportedly at a massage parlor on the night of January 23. That evening, while he was getting worked on, officials say he suddenly became unresponsive. Paramedics tried performing CPR on Q, but weren’t able to save his life. According to the medical examiner, he died of heart disease, with obesity being a large factor.

Now that he’s gone, his legacy will live on in the millions of views the WorldStarHipHop site continues to generate, with some estimates at roughly one million viewers daily. Q founded the website in 2005.
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