World's Largest Iceberg Set to Collide With South Atlantic Island

The world's biggest iceberg is set to hit an island in the South Atlantic and devastate its unique ecosystem


NSFW    SOUTH GEORGIA — The world's biggest iceberg is headed straight toward an island in the South Atlantic and has the potential to cause significant damage to wildlife should it become grounded nearby.

Based on currents and weather conditions, Iceberg A68a — which is roughly the size of Delaware — is poised to hit South Georgia this month, according to the Royal Navy.

The BBC reports that because the iceberg is relatively thin — its cliffs rise 30 meters above the surface, while its keel is estimated to be only 200 meters deep — there's a danger it could become grounded just offshore, taking possibly 10 years to melt.

This would devastate the local ecosystem as it would force animals such as king penguins and elephant seals to travel much greater distances to find food. The iceberg would also crush wildlife on the seafloor where it anchors.

However, nutrients released when the iceberg melts would boost the local ecosystem.
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