World Cup reporter tells off jerk for inappropriate kissing attempt

A reporter at the 2018 World Cup fight back after a man attempts to kiss her on-cam.


NSFW    YEKATERINBURG, RUSSIA — A Brazilian sports reporter clapped back after a man tried to kiss her on-camera during the World Cup.

The BBC reports that the incident went down in Yekaterinburg, while Julia Guimaraes was reporting on the Japan vs. Senegal match for Brazil's TV Globo and Sport TV.

As the camera rolled, a man suddenly ducked into the shot and tried to give Guimaraes a peck on the cheek.

The journalist dodged the kiss, and proceeded to confront the jerk, reprimanding him on his highly inappropriate behavior. She tells him to never do again, that it's not polite and not right. Off-cam, the man can be heard apologizing repeatedly.

Guimaraes said that while she never experienced this in Brazil, it's happened to her twice during the World Cup in Russia.

She hasn't been the only victim either. Days before, a Colombian Deutsche Welle reporter got kissed and groped on-cam by an entitled douchebag.

She chose to continue the report despite the interruption, which DW later denounced as "blatant harassment" and an attack.
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