Woman who did the dirty in courthouse wanted by police

Trying to have a little fun while at the courthouse on previous charges, Brittney Jones decided to perform oral sex on her boyfriend in the hallway, and recorded the act on her smartphone. Jones then posted the video to Twitter, and bragged about her latest sexcapades.


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JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA — Brittney Jones, 26, has been known to push her luck where the law is concerned. However, the latest charges against her may be completely bogus, a desperate attempt by police to prove a point to the public.

On January 31, Jones was at the Duval County courthouse, waiting for a morning arraignment on charges of possession of drug paraphernalia, smuggling contraband into jail and violation of probation. Her boyfriend, Jeremiah Robinson, 35, sat with her on a bench in the hallway.

Trying to have a little fun with her predicament, Jones decided to perform oral sex on Robinson, and videotaped it. Jones then posted the video to Twitter, and bragged about her latest sexcapades. When social media buzz started to build, she then told everyone “Y’all should have seen me in Winn-Dixie, on top of the frozen pizzas.”

It didn’t take long for the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office to go after them, putting out warrants for their arrests. As no one witnessed their dirty deed in person, they can’t be charged with indecent exposure. Instead, the cops are trying to slap them with charges of committing Unnatural and Lascivious Acts, where the deed can be proven to have occurred with video evidence. It also must constitute as “unnatural sex” -- in other words, any type of sex act not geared toward procreation. Some crime experts reporting on this story have claimed it's an old misdemeanor charge, which cops previously used to go after the gay community.

Jeremiah Robinson recently turned himself in, pleading “not guilty” to the charges. Meanwhile, Brittney Jones remains at large. If convicted, they face a sentence of up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine.
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