Woman tries to set man on fire in a crowded bus


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Do not sit in Ebony D. Williams’ bus seat or she will try to set you on fire. One man had to learn this lesson the hard way at 5:30 a.m. on a crowded Kansas City bus.

According to police, Ebony D. Williams, 32, of Kansas City, Missouri, boarded an ATA bus around 5:00 a.m. near 63rd Street and Prospect on Monday morning. She instantly began arguing with a male passenger, asking him to leave his seat. When the unnamed passenger refused her requests, Williams’ pulled out a water bottle filled with gasoline and proceeded to douse the man with it. Police reported that up to six other passengers were hit with the flammable substance.

The bus driver, who was later commended for her quick thinking, instantly pulled over the bus and called authorities. During this time, passengers pushed past Williams and the man while they were still arguing. Witnesses said Williams was trying to light match as they piled off the bus. According to those on the scene, she had also pulled out a steak knife from her purse and was swinging it around. Williams and her victim got into a tussle before he decided to get off the bus.

When officers arrived on the scene, Williams was still “cruising and prancing up and down the aisle,” according to Jeremy Horn, 33, a fellow passenger. Williams was taken to the hospital after her arrest due to alleged stomach pains. City court cited Williams with six counts of assault -- one for each victim.
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