Woman saved by power line after falling from 5th floor

A woman wearing only underwear fell from a 5th floor apartment in Liaoning, China, but was luckily saved from death by a power line.


NSFW    Defying Death

BENXI, CHINA — A woman in China was spotted dangling from a power line in her underwear after narrowly escaping splatting on the sidewalk from five floors up.

The Shanghaiist reports that the incident happened at an apartment building in the city of Benxi in Liaoning. A video of the incident appeared online, and netizens have since been trying to figure out how the woman ended up in that situation.

Chinese internet is currently abuzz with wild speculation that the skimpily-clad woman was a mistress trying not to get caught by the wife, who might have come home unexpectedly. In desperate times, even the window ledge outside your lover’s fifth floor apartment seems like a pretty good idea. Until, of course you slip and fall.

Luckily, Chinese cities have plenty of power lines, and the woman managed to get caught on one, so messy death averted!

She dangled upside down from the line and quickly passed out from the shock. She’s probably dying of embarrassment too, what with everything splattered all over the interwebs. But at least she’s still alive.

And you never know, she could’ve just been innocently thoroughly cleaning her windows, in her underwear, as you do. It is China, where anything can happen.
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