Woman lost in Aussie wilderness found after CCTV spots giant 'SOS'

Thank god the outback didn't get her first.


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SEDAN, AUSTRALIA — A camper that went missing in the Australian outback is now back in civilization after her giant SOS message was spotted by a man's remote security cam.

According to ABC News, Deborah Pilgrim was last seen Sunday morning at a campsite with friends on a rural property near Sedan, South Australia.

Authorities searched for the 55-year-old for three days, with no luck.

Poor Deborah had gone for a walk but quickly found herself lost in the bush. While wandering around, she came across a remote cottage, which, though empty, was fitted with a security cam.

Cottage owner Neil Marriott had just had the cams installed after several break-ins. On Tuesday afternoon, he checked the footage and saw a large SOS on the ground that hadn't been there before. He put two and two together and alerted the cops.

It was already dark when officers arrived at the site. They found a jacket, but no Deborah.

They continued looking and eventually found her on a neighboring property. The poor woman had was about seven kilometers from where she was reported missing.

She was taken to a nearby hospital to be checked, but appeared to be in good health, according to police.

Good thing the creatures of the outback didn't get to her first, either, or it would've been a very different ending.
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