Wife strips off mistress's clothes on the street during epic catfight

Two women get at it on the street of China. One woman strips another woman to the ground and is left with nothing but panties.


NSFW    Two women were caught fighting in the streets of Gongdong, China.

Chang is the woman who’s getting her ass kicked in the video.

Damn checking those panties!

Chang met a man named Liu 6 months ago, and the two quickly fell in love, except there was one problem.

Liu is married with a wife and children!

So Chang thought it would be a good idea to confront Liu’s wife to her face, and tell her to get a divorce.

Liu’s wife was furious and just to show that she wasn’t messing around, Liu’s wife slapped Chang in the face.

Then she dragged her onto the street, where she beat the crap out of Chang and stripped her clothes in broad daylight
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