Wife's horrendous cooking drives Chinese man to suicide

Ah-Peng, a day laborer, so disgusted by a meal of rancid fish prepared by his wife, stabbed himself to death.


NSFW    Some men complain about their wives’ cooking, but could it ever be so bad that you’d kill yourself rather than take another bite? Well, a man in Fujian, China thought so.

Ah-Peng, age 47, started an argument with his wife over the fish she’d made for dinner. The argument got so bad their 17-year-old daughter stormed off in the middle of the meal.

After she left, Ah-Peng continued to rant about his wife’s awful cooking. Then he grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed himself several times before collapsing on bed.

His wife tried to pull him to his feet, but she was unable to lift him and screamed for her daughter. Her daughter called their uncle, who was able to help move Ah-Peng outside.

Ah-Peng died before his family was able to get him to the hospital. Doctors said that he may have had undiagnosed mental illness or depression.
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