What Up at the White House Episode 9

Trump is still on cloud nine after his first face-to-face with Putin, while Donald Jr. can’t get himself out from the Russia cloud.


NSFW    WASHINGTON — Even without a hotel room at the G20, Trump crushes his first heart-to-heart with Putin in a two-hour Tinder meet and greet.

They come up with a phenomenal proposal to form an impenetrable Cyber Security Unit between the US and Russia. For some reason the plan is attacked, and Trump walks back idea back.

Trump then shows the world why he’s such a great dad by giving Ivanka a seat at the big kid’s table.

The media has a snoozefest of a feeding frenzy with Trump Jr. and Mother Russia.

Trump is finally on the verge of getting someone to take over the FBI after the whole Comey debacle. Trump gathers with some bible bangers in Oval Office to get a quick amen.

Trump decides to spend some time in the City of Lights with his handshake bro Emmanuel Macron. Macron and Donald share a meal at the Eiffel Tower where Trump is treated to the finest well done steak paired with Heinz around.

Stay tuned for this week’s show.
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