We're going down! Pilot leaps from his own plane after accident

A pilot of a skydiving plane in Missouri was forced to jump from his own plane after an accident disabled his aircraft; it was his very first skydive.


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How do you feel about skydiving? An enthusiastic yes? Or a definitive no?

Skydiving pilot Shawn Kinmartin wasn’t opposed to the idea, he’d just never tried it…but his date with the sky was coming, whether he liked it or not.

Over the weekend, pilot Kinmartin of Missouri heard a loud sound after one of his skydivers jumped.

After a second pilot flew up to assess the damage, Kinmartin was told the Cessna’s tail was hopelessly bent and a landing would be impossible.

Deciding he had no choice, Kinmartin steered his plane in the direction of crop fields and prepared to bail.

After steadying the plane, Shawn jumped out with just 2000 feet between him and the ground, he told the media.

Pulling the cord on the parachute he was already wearing, Kinmartin watched as his plane slammed into a field. No one was injured.

Asked if he’s ever gonna skydive again, Kinmartin laughed and said, ‘Sure...but perhaps as a tandem jump and from a bit higher up next time.’”
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