Watch this man use his baby as a human shield as he fights Hong Kong police

Video of a baby-wielding man fighting Hong Kong police has gone viral on the Chinese internet. The only thing standing between him and that police baton is that kid.


NSFW    Video has emerged of a man fighting with police in on a Hong Kong street, all the while holding an infant.

According to the police report, the man, surnamed Huang refused to move his car after a officers requested he do so. Huang became enraged and an argument with the cops quickly developed.

Judging by the way this guy is acting, we are unsure if he knows he is holding a baby.

In the video Huang is seen taunting the police, telling them to “come get some.”
And we’re close to seeing some action from that police baton. The only thing separating Huang’s face from the stick of the law is that baby.

Huang eventually handed the child to his wife and was arrested. The agitated police officer in the video is also being investigated.

We would like to remind you to ask some to hold your baby the next time you try to start something with police.
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