Watch these two women dive under a 1,400 ton freight train and survive

Two women trespassing over railroad tracks in southern Indiana are lucky to be alive when an oncoming freight train runs over them


NSFW    Defying Death

Two women trespassing on along railroad tracks in Bloomington, Indiana narrowly miss a fatal encounter with death.

The train engineer spotted the women in the middle of a 500-foot-long bridge known on Shuffle Creek Trestle, alongside Lemon Lake.

When the engineer spotted the two he immediately applied the emergency brakes and repeatedly sounded the horn.

First, the two women tried to outrun the 14,000-ton freight train, but when one stubs her foot and gets caught in between, she lies down in the middle of the tracks.

The other woman runs off to the edge of the 80-foot-tall bridge, but sees her friend is caught and rescues her.

Then she lies face down as the train runs over both of them! The engineer call’s Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, only to realize that the women escaped their near death experience and fled the scene.

Law enforcement officials have since identified the two women and now the incident is considered a criminal matter.
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