Walmart uses shelf-scanning robots to avoid out-of-stock issues

Walmart is trialing robot shelf-scanners in 50 more stores in the U.S. to help restock items faster.


NSFW    BENTONVILLE, ARKANSAS — Walmart is enlisting automated help to improve out-of-stock issues and mislabeled items.

Reuters reports that the robots are equipped with a camera and lights tha scan the aisles to check stocks, and identify mislabeled or wrongly-priced items.

The robot passes the data to human employees, who then restock the shelves and fix any errors.

The retail giant stresses that the machines will not replace staffers, and are merely there to help them.

The robots are 50 percent more productive than human employees at shelf-scanning, and are capable of doing it faster and more accurately.

Walmart has been trialing robots in California, Pennsylvania, and Arkansas for the past three years, and will be expanding to 50 more locations in January 2018.

So if you live in El Paso, Fort Worth, or Jacksonville, it seems the robots are coming.
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