Walmart may soon let lazy 'Muricans shop in VR

Will they have fat scooters in VR?


NSFW    'MURICA — The company that made grocery shopping synonymous with fat scooters may be working on a way to make 'Muricans even lazier — if that's possible.
According to Retail Dive, the geniuses over at Walmart have actually taken out two patents for a virtual reality showroom that customers can visit and buy Made-in-China garbage through VR headsets.
Instead of visiting an actual brick and mortar store, Walmart thinks people will be dumb enough to throw on some clunky VR goggles so they can select items from virtual shelves, which will then be shipped to them.
According to MediaPost, the VR rooms could be equipped with sensory feedback systems that could control temperature and release smells corresponding to the objects handled in VR. How many smells would Walmart have to develop for this?
Even more useless, the sensors devices could also simulate wind, rain, heat, cold, snow and ice, because you run into all of those when shopping inside Walmart stores.

Will Walmart actually implement any of these game changing ideas? One can only hope.
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