Walmart brawl leaves man lying in pool of his own blood

When a catfight broke out in the Walmart women’s section, it didn’t take long for blood to be spilled.


NSFW    HESPERIA, CALIFORNIA — When customers walked through the doors of Walmart to buy Easter eggs over the weekend, a few walked out with black eyes and nasty scars instead. Video of a brawl inside the store has gone viral online.

On April 15, two females were browsing through the women’s clothing section when they they began a physical altercation over an unknown dispute. A fight ensued, with one of the women being pushed to the ground.

One woman’s husband then stepped in to break up the fight, but then others quickly jumped in to escalate the situation. That man was hit hard by two punches, from two other men, knocking him to the floor and rendering him unconscious. Witnesses say the man could be seen lying unconscious in a puddle of blood. He reportedly suffered injuries to his upper body.

One of the two men who punched him was arrested at the store. Dahsean Antwan Wages, 24, is now facing charges of battery with serious injuries.
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