Visit Titanic's Giant Wreck, 4km Under the Sea

It was the biggest ship in the world, and everyone said it couldn't sink, until it sank and killed over 1,500 people


NSFW    Everett, Washington — The Titanic famously sank in 1912, killing more than 1,500 people, but now one company is giving you the chance to dive down to go and look at the famous wreck.

The Titanic's wreck was discovered in 1985 during a search for missing nuclear submarines. It was found in water almost 4 kilometers deep, 600 kilometers south of St. Johns in Newfoundland.

Now, a ticket price of "only" 125,000 US dollars will buy you a seat on an expedition to the site. Once at the site, a special submersible will take you 4 kilometers down for a close inspection.

The company, Oceangate Expeditions, uses a Cyclops-class submersible called Titan, which is only one of four submersibles capable of descending to 4000 meters under the ocean.

This special craft's passenger compartment is a cylinder made of woven carbon fiber, with two titanium hemispheres on both sides. The front hemisphere features a viewing window that's 53 centimeters wide.

The Titan will fit 3 passengers at a time, plus a researcher and a pilot. The craft is powered by four electric thrusters and can descend to the wreck in 90 minutes.
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