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Tim and Leigh McCall have lived in a reasonably quiet Indianapolis neighborhood for the past three decades. A few days before New Year’s Eve, the couple were sitting on their sofa watching a football game, when suddenly, an SUV came smashing through their house. The car came to a rest just feet from where the couple were sitting. And while the SUV’s driver flew through her vehicle's windshield, she was not seriously hurt.

One would think such an incident would be shocking for Mr and Mrs McCall, but they were not in fact surprised as this latest vehicular intrusion marked the eleventh time such an accident has occurred over the last 30 years they’ve lived there.

These appalling stats mean the McCall’s home has been rammed into on average, once every three years. According to a report in the Indy Star, only one of these 11 crashes resulted in a fatality.

The McCalls say they’ve spoken to city officials about the problem; to no avail. They believe the reason so many vehicles are striking their house is due to a rail crossing that’s about 200 meters away from the intersection they live on. The McCalls say they suspect people are speeding up to get through the train junction and then trying to take a hard left when they see their road.

These hard left turns at high speeds have allegedly caused more than one driver to lose control of their vehicle and slam into the McCalls’ home. They say they hope this latest case will convince the city to do something about this long-standing problem.
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