Two men in Toronto rescued from flooding elevator

The two men were in the elevator when it suddenly stopped and started filling up with water.


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TORONTO, CANADA — It had been flooding for the past few days in Toronto when two men trapped in an elevator almost drowned, reports Toronto Sun.

Gabriel Otrin and Klever Freire were in the elevator when it suddenly stopped when it reached the basement.

Water started rushing into the elevator and was quick to rise halfway up the chamber.

The men first tried to open the elevator doors, when they couldn't, they climbed onto the handrails of the elevator to escape the waters.

Gabriel tried to call the police with his cellphone, while Klever tried to pry open the maintenance hatch in the ceiling of the elevator.

Luckily for them, two nearby police officers quickly responded to their call and soon reached the building.

The officers headed downstairs and swam through the flooded basement to reach the trapped men, whom they freed by prying open the elevator doors with crowbars.

The men were taken to the hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries, the BBC reports.

They were also seen giving interviews to local media in Canada.
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