Trump plans to redesign Air Force One with red, white, and blue

The POTUS has negotiated a new deal with presidential aircraft provider Boeing and plans to redesign the aircraft's exterior with a more patriotic color scheme.


NSFW    'MURICA —U.S. President Donald Trump told CBS News that he will redesign the presidential plane Air Force One into a more patriotic color scheme.

CBS reports that the White House announced in February, Trump had negotiated a $3.9 billion "fixed price contract" with Boeing for the Boeing 747-8 planes to used as the new presidential aircraft, commonly known as Air Force One.

In an interview with CBS, Trump said he was able to save the country $1.5 billion and order a new one, this came as a response after his 2016 Tweet about the costs of the new planes being "out of control, more than $4 billion.

Currently, the president's suite and office are housed at the very front of the aircraft.

In the event of an emergency, Air Force One has a staff doctor and houses a medical suite that can function as an operating room at a moment's notice.

Air Force One also has quarters for those who accompany the president, including travelling press who sit in the rear of the plane.

As it is able to refuel mid-air, Air Force One effectively has unlimited range and can stay up in the air indefinitely.

As part of its advanced security systems, the jet is equipped with chaff and flare dispensers that allow it to evade enemy missiles.

Trump plans to redesign the aircraft exterior with the iconic American flag color setting, the red, white, and blue.

The new presidential vehicle is expected to sport styling elements similar Cadillac's CT6 sedan. Known as 'Cadillac One' or by the Secret Service as 'The Beast,' it will use a Kodiak medium-duty truck frame with custom-made body panels.

The seven-seat interior is sealed to protect against a biological or chemical attack, with windows that can withstand armor-piercing bullets.

The current edition of the Beast has 20-centimeter-thick heavy armor-plated doors and a reinforced steel plate running underneath the vehicle to protect it from roadside bombs.

The presidential limousine has tear gas cannons and a night vision camera, as well as a pump-action shotgun. Extra weapons, an oxygen supply and bottles of the president's blood type are also on board. The fuel tank is armor-plated and encased in foam to prevent it from exploding. The kevlar-reinforced tires are puncture and shard-resistant, with steel rims that allow the car to continue driving if the tires are destroyed.

Trump said the current Air Force One is 30 years old and the new planes will likely be utilized more by the presidents who follow him. He also announced that he is making changes to the plane's interior including an increase the size of the beds, complaining they were smaller than those on his own private jet.
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