Trainee pilot makes emergency landing after pilot passes out

It was his first lesson.


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PERTH, AUSTRALIA — A trainee pilot amazingly made an emergency landing after his instructor passed out mid-flight.
According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Max Sylvester was training in a Cessna aircraft at the Jandakot Airport on Saturday afternoon in Perth when his instructor suddenly fell unconscious.
Max then calmly called air traffic control and informed them of his situation.

"He's leaning over my shoulder, I'm trying to keep him up but he keeps falling down," Sylvester told the controller.

Did we forget to mention that it was his first lesson in the two-seater aircraft?
According to ABC News Australia, the air traffic controller kept the 29-year-old calm as he talked him through how to get his bee-hind safely back on the ground.
The operator asks, "Do you know how to operate the airplane?"
"This is my first lesson," Max tells the guy.
ABC News reports that the controller then told Sylvester how to reduce the plane's speed, then how to go about landing.

With air traffic control with him every step of the way, Max was able to safely land.
His instructor, Robert Mollard, is now at the hospital in stable condition.
So what's Lesson Two going to cover?
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