Three teenage burglars shot dead by homeowner with AR-15

Getaway driver Elizabeth Rodriguez is now facing a first-degree murder charges under an Oklahoma joint enterprise law after her three teenage accomplices were shot dead during a burglary.


NSFW    BROKEN ARROW, OKLAHOMA — Three teenage burglars were shot dead in Oklahoma last week in what police believe was a self-defense shooting.

The getaway driver is also now facing first-degree murder charges under a state joint enterprise law.

Elizabeth Rodriguez, 21, was the getaway driver when her three teenage friends broke into the house last Monday, armed with a knife and brass knuckles, Tulsa World reported.

The homeowner’s son Zachary Peters, 23, encountered the boys and came out of his bedroom blasting with an AR-15 rifle.

As the boys lay dying, Peters barricaded himself in his bedroom and called 911.

Upon hearing shots fired, Rodriguez took off. She later turned herself in.

Rodriguez admitted the gang had committed burglaries before. In fact, they had robbed the very same house earlier that day, stealing alcohol from the garage.

Rodriguez said they then got greedy and returned for a bigger score.

That was a fatal mistake, and cost the lives of Jake Woodruff, 16, Jacob Redfearn, 17, and Rodriguez’s boyfriend, 19-year-old Max Cook. It could also see Rodriguez spend the rest of her life in jail.
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