This 240-pound woman is accused of raping a man as he slept

The incident took place in June last year. A recently completed DNA test tied Chantae Gilman to the alleged rape.


NSFW    A Seattle mother of four is accused of raping a man as he slept and has now been charged with second-degree rape.

Police believe Chantae Gilman raped the 31-year-old unidentified male following a neighbor’s birthday party. The incident took place on June 16 last year, but charges did not come until last week after a DNA test tied Gilman to the crime.

According to a police account, the victim was attending a birthday party for a friend. He did not know Gilman personally but knew her to be a drug user in the area.

The victim went home and fell asleep. At about 2 a.m., he woke to find the 240-pound woman on top of him. She was pinning his arms down and his erect penis was inside her.

But the victim managed to escape and push her out of his apartment.

Gilman told police she suffered from mental illness. A Facebook status update in August said she was 31 weeks pregnant and just eight weeks sober.
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