The Rock for president in 2020

The Rock should totally run for president in 2020.


NSFW    WASHINGTON — Ever since Dwayne Johnson told GQ he could see politics in his future, the world has been captivated by a Rock presidency.

“Run the Rock 2020” was filed on behalf of Johnson with the Federal Election Commission on Sunday, according to FEC records, the Hill reported.

The paperwork was submitted by a man named Kenton Tilford under a West Virginia address, while his connection to Rock is not clear.

The Rock probably doesn’t even know this campaign committee exists, but just think of the possibilities.

The Rock told GQ, “I feel that if I were president, poise would be important. Leadership would be important.” Who has better poise than a pro wrestler?

The Rock is probably the only candidate who can seriously give Trump a run for his money in 2020.

With the Rock as president, we won’t even need to employ any Secret Service. But best of all, we can just send in our president rather than the troops to deal with threats like North Korea, Russia and China.

Would you vote for the Rock?
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