The Donald needs the Justice League of America

It's the JLA, but with a lot more beef.


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WASHINGTON — Anti-Trumpers have got it twisted yo. U.S. President Donald Trump's first 200 days have been plagued by a witch hunt hell bent on upending the 2016 election. What's a billionaire-playboy-philanderer turned Commander-in-Chief to do? The Justice League could help.

With both houses stalling America First, the Scarlet Speedster could really hasten the Donald's legislative agenda. And what about those swamp issues? Call in Aquaman.

And holy special counsel Batman! Special Prosecutor Bobby Mueller and the Feds' Russian witch hunt now has a grand jury. The World's Greatest Detective, with a little help from Cyborg, could put that to rest.

Separately, these issues are stalemate struggles. Together, they're part of a war to shun the U.S. President, election results be damned. But hey when you're anti-Trump it's not like elections matter anyway, right?
Could the U.S. start a nuclear war?

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