The confusing rules of football explained

Although these rules are to keep the beautiful game fair, but they are still confusing to some.


NSFW    FOOTBALL — While the World Cup is approaching fast, some people still have a hard time figuring out some of the rules of this popular sport favored by much of the world.

A ball is out of play when the entire ball has crossed the touch-line, regardless of whether it is on the ground or in the air. The ball is in play when it rebounds off a match official, goal post, crossbar or corner flag post and remains in the field of play.

If a foul is committed outside the penalty area, but continues inside the penalty area, the referee shall award a penalty kick.

A player is "offside" when any part of the player's head, body, or feet is in the opponent's side of the field.

A player is also "offside" if he or she is nearer to the opponent's goal line than the ball, and nearer to the opponent's goal line than the second to last opponent, or, if the referee determines that you have participated in area of active play.

As confusing as such rules are to many, FIFA has a handy list of these regulations available on their website for anyone who is interested in understanding how they keep this beautiful game "fair".
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