Thai woman with strange disease has the biggest hands in the world

Doctors have told Samakasamam that amputation might be the only solution, but the Thai woman says she does not want to lose her hands.


NSFW    Holding a world record isn’t always so wonderful. A 59-year-old Thai woman named Samakasamam currently holds the world record for the largest hands. But the distinction has caused her a great amount of pain.

A rare disease has made it so her arms won’t stop growing. Each arm now weighs about 20 pounds. It hurts like hell whenever she tries to move them.

Samakasamam has been suffering from the disease since her 20s. She’s undergone surgery after surgery, but nothing has been successful. Doctors have been unable to identify the cause of her disease. They have suggested amputating to end her pain, but she says she does not want to lose her hands.

Samakasamam is currently making a living as a thrift shop owner.
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