Thai man kills baby on Facebook Live, then commits suicide

A young father in Thailand livestreamed himself on Facebook hanging his 11-month-old daughter and then taking his own life.



PHUKET, THAILAND — Facebook users watched in horror on Monday as a young father from Thailand livestreamed himself murdering his baby daughter, before taking his own life.

Father Wuttisan Wongtalay had been fighting with his wife earlier that day, and threatened to kill her in a jealous rage, the Phuket Gazette reported. Fearing for her life, Jiranuch Trirat fled the family’s house, leaving their 11-month-old daughter Natalee with her father.

Hours later, Trirat returned to find her husband and daughter both missing. She tried calling to ask him to bring the child home, but could not get in touch.

At around 5:45 p.m. the paranoid Wuttisan began broadcasting a Facebook Live video from the rooftop of an unfinished building. He tied a rope around baby Natalee’s neck, and then dropped her off the edge.

Trirat saw the disturbing footage nearly 45 minutes later and quickly called for help, but it was too late. Her husband had killed their daughter, and then committed suicide.

Police arrived at the scene to find father and daughter hanging lifeless from the side of the building.

The video of the killing stayed on Wuttisan’s Facebook page for the next 24 hours, before it was taken down, according to Reuters.
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