Texas man shoots armadillo, gets ricocheting bullet in face

A man from East Texas made the mistake of shooting an armadillo with a puny revolver, and ended up getting hit in the face with a ricocheting bullet.


NSFW    Gun Crazy

MARIETTA, TEXAS — A Texas man learned the hard way not to mess with armadillos after he got a nasty head wound from shooting at one.

The fella spotted the varmint sneakin' around on his property at 3 a.m. in the morning, and shot at it three times with a revolver, according to Reuters. But his rounds were thwarted by the animal's hard shell, which deflected at least one of the bullets and caused it to ricochet right back at him.

The trigger-happy Texan survived, but had to be airlifted to the hospital to have his jaw wired shut. That's gotta hurt.

As for the armadillo, the cops couldn't find the little critter, so no one knows how it's doing.

If it is alive, it's probably all too happy to have gotten payback on a guncrazy human.
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