Texas is outlawing traffic light cameras

Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill to ban red-light traffic cameras, a bill that is sure to please many.


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TEXAS — Texas is saying adios to red-light traffic cameras.

Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas slammed the brakes on redlight cameras and signed a bill to ban them. According to the Houston Chronicle, it will go into effect on September 1st.

The bill will put a stop to the cameras which normally fine drivers $75 for running reds.

According to Fox 7, those opposed to the cameras claim they're un-American and violate privacy. And let's be honest, they're just annoying.

Advocates of the cameras include local law enforcement who insist they make a real difference in the areas they're installed.

An interview with NBC 5 heard the chiefs of both Bedford and Plano police departments say, "We have seen a dramatic reduction of intersection accidents… That means less people are getting hurt traveling our roadways".

The Houston Chronicle reported that some critics label the cameras as a money grab.
And at 75 bucks a pop, they do have somewhat of a point.

Supporter of the bill Senator Bob Hall, said, "It does not have to do with safety".
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