Tesla police car runs out of juice in the middle of high-speed chase

Apparently someone forgot to plug the car into a charger.


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FREMONT, CALIFORNIA — A Tesla electric police car involved in a high-speed chase was forced to say uncle halfway through because it ran out of juice.
According to Mercury News, Officer Jesse Hartman was out last Friday on patrol in his Fremont Police Department Tesla Model S when he became involved in a hot pursuit.
Mercury News reported the chase began in Fremont and even reached top speeds of around 120 mph on the freeway.
Officer Hartman's Tesla was humming along fine and leading the chase, when he started to notice the car was low on batteries.
According to Fremont Police dispatch audio obtained through Broadcastify, Hartman can be heard saying, "just realized I am down to six miles of battery on the Tesla, so I may lose it here in a sec."
He continues, "if someone else is able, can they maneuver into the number one spot?"
According to CNN, other units following the Tesla then took over the pursuit with help from the California State Highway Patrol.

Unfortunately, the chase had to be called off after 10 minutes because the suspect started to drive too dangerously.
CNN reported that California State Highway Patrol later found the suspect's car abandoned in San Jose.
According to a Fremont police department spokeswoman, apparently the Tesla had not been recharged after an earlier shift before Hartman took it out last Friday.
The Fremont police are currently involved in a 6 month pilot program with Tesla to determine whether electric vehicles can be rolled out on a larger scale for police use.
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