Tennessee cops sued after tasing teenage suspect 40 times

Police video shows the moment when three officers hold down a teenaged suspect and tase him repeatedly.


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CHEATHAM COUNTY, TENNESSEE — Disturbing video footages shows the moment last November when Cheatham County deputies held down and tasered a teenage suspect over 40 times.

Jordan Norris, then aged 18, was brought to jail on weapons and drugs charges, but was later charged with simple assault and fined $1,000, the Tennessean reported. Norris was released from jail on bond after being held for two weeks.

Police said that Norris struggled during the arrest and yelled he wanted to kill himself, so they had to tase him to make him compliant. Norris was in a restraint chair for some three hours, the Tennessean reported, citing officials.

Norris's lawsuit says he was tasered over 40 times by the cops.

Local Sheriff Mike Breedlove said he previously hadn't seen the footage in media reports and had requested the D.A. to look into the matter.

Three of the officers seen in the video have been placed on administrative leave.
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