Teen rescues 14 people from fire with construction crane in China

The young crane operator came to the rescue to save people from a burning building on May 2.


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FUSHAN, CHINA — A young crane operator in China went full Superman-mode by rescuing a whole bunch of people from a burning building on May 2.

According to Pear Video, 19-year-old Lan Junze was at work at a construction site in Fushan, Liaoning province when he noticed an apartment building on fire close by.

The fire apparently started on the first floor of the building from a grocery store and quickly began spreading.
Viral video footage shows Lan hop into action using the crane to get residents out from the upper floors of the seven-story building.
Maneuvering around power lines and a ton of smoke, Lan was able to rescue 14 people in only 30 minutes.
He told Sohu News that, "at the time, I only wanted to save people. I didn't think of anything else. I didn't have the time."

Lan has been praised online and recognized by several organizations for his heroic deeds. Lan credits his parents for raising him well.
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