Taiwanese police finally rocking some new threads

The previous police uniform has been worn for over 30 years.


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TAIWAN — Po po from Taiwan's National Police Agency have finally gotten a uniform upgrade after wearing the old gray getup for over 30 years.
According to the Central News Agency, Taiwan's finest are now rocking a new dark blue shirt with blue pants, that have been designed to be more durable and comfortable—and also to less look like a crossing guard.
The shirt pocket buttons have been tossed and replaced with velcro for easier access. Here's a question though—when's the last time you actually saw a Taiwanese cop ever use his or her shirt pockets?
And of course no new police uniform would be complete without a proper snapback made from breathable mesh to reduce sweating. But honestly—it's Taiwan, those guys will be sweating either way.
The pants also have been equipped with more pockets as well as having the knees reinforced with two layers of fabric for extra durability.
The old hall monitor gray uniforms have been in use since 1987. Apparently, the police have been experimenting with different uniforms since 2016, but recently decided on the blue ones.

Guess they really are the boys—and girls—in blue now.
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