Swoop flight makes emergency landing after bird strike

The engine was spitting fire.


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ABBOTSFORD, CANADA — A Swoop flight in Canada was forced to make an emergency landing because of some birds—and a flaming engine.
CTV News reported that Flight 312 left the Abbotsford International Airport on Tuesday morning headed for Edmonton.
Passengers on the aircraft said they heard a loud thud followed by bursts of flames coming from the right engine right after take off.
According to one passenger, everyone started to yell about the flames pouring from the engine.
The captain then made an announcement saying the plane had hit some geese and would be making an emergency landing.
A few passengers understandably shot off some frantic messages and goodbyes, but crew and captain stayed cool and successfully brought the plane back down at Abbotsford.
Swoop told ABC News that all passengers were "offloaded without incident" and re-accommodated or offered a refund.
There were no reported injuries. The airplane was removed from service and will be put through some further inspection.
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