Strangers who met on Delta flight cited for in-flight friskiness

Delta passengers caught being naughty on plane probably won't face charges.


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DETROIT — Talk about the friendly skies. Two strangers who met on a Delta flight were cited for inter-passenger turbulence.

The flight was heading from the City of Angels to Motown, and the two passengers — a 28-year-old male and a 48-year-old woman — were connecting on separate flights.

Apparently, the two decided to connect with each other before reaching Detroit.

Looks like the woman was in the middle of putting the man's tray table in the upright position while the two were in their seats.

For some reason, the other passengers around them weren't so keen on the idea.

Both people were issued citations and the investigation was handed over to the FBI.

The two new besties are not expected to be criminally charged, but will most likely just have to pay up to $800 in fines.

Lucky for these two, they could have been some strangers in danger on United.
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