Strange sex: Man with bicycle fetish caught on camera


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CCTV footage of a pervert with a weird fetish for pleasuring himself on bicycles spurred its Swedish owners to submit the images to their local newspaper. Osterlund resident Per Edström says the tyres of his girlfriend’s bicycle had been slashed a number of times since May, but the identity of the culprit remained a mystery.

Tired of having to repeatedly repair punctures, Edström set up a security camera to catch the nocturnal vandal.

The bicycle-lover can be seen clutching a piece of paper, which Edström believes may be a picture of his girlfriend, who, apparently, finds the CCTV images “a little concerning.”

An unfazed Edström told the paper, simply: “This man is probably completely harmless, bicycles are just his thing.”

Local police believe the man of could be linked to a series of similar crimes in the area that occurred back in 2007.
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