SpaceX Halfway Done Building World's Largest Booster

Recent photos show the massive rocket is already halfway built


NSFW    BOCA CHICA, TEXAS — The Teslarati website recently posted the latest photos of SpaceX's Super Heavy booster prototype, saying that the photos show that the massive booster is already halfway built.

The prototype, called BN1, is set to become the world's largest booster ever. It will also be the tallest, heaviest and most powerful liquid-fuel booster ever built.

BN1 will measure around 70 meters in height, weigh 3700 metric tons fully fueled, and produce around 7500 metric tons of thrust.

It will equal the power of almost ten of SpaceX's Falcon 9 boosters at full thrust and outclass every rocket ever built.

A flurry of public photos from local and visiting photographers have confirmed that the Super Heavy prototype is effectively halfway to completion and currently stands at 18 steel segments.

As the final rocket would be 38 segments tall, this means that BN1 is a ring away from half of its full height, leaving only the integration of its strengthened methane tank, its customized engine section and its skirt as the last major tasks standing between SpaceX and its first Super Heavy launch.
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