Ski instructor impaled in face by 1.5-ft long tree branch

The 29-year-old was enjoying the slopes in Jackson, Wyoming when he misjudged a gap in the trees.


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JACKSON, WYOMING — A ski instructor is lucky to have his face in one piece after a tree branch pierced his lip during a ski accident last week

Natty Hagood, 29, was hitting the slopes at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Wyoming when he reportedly misjudged a gap between two trees, reported the Idaho State Journal.

That miscalculation saw a 1 ½-foot tree branch pierce his lower lip. He later broke the branch down to 6 inches and got it removed in hospital.

The bill for that was $1,500 bucks, but Hagood’s health insurance deductible was only $1,250, so he set up a Gofundme page to help pay for his treatment. According to the page, it’s already raised over $2,000.
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