Shot in the balls by police, a gunfight with cops ended badly for this man in Taiwan

A gunfight between police and bad guys in The Taiwanese city of Taichung ended very badly for two men.


NSFW    Taiwanese police tracked down two armed robbery suspects from last month, and organized a raid on the suspects.

18 officers were assigned to the mission, but only 6 wore bulletproof vests.

The police commissioner explained that some officers needed to be disguised as civilians, and bulletproof vests would blow their cover.

Officer Chang was one of those who didn’t wear a vest.

During the raid, he was shot through the stomach by a suspect hiding in the washroom. Other officers quickly came to the rescue and shot the suspect 9 times—one bullet hit the suspect in the testicles.

We’re unsure whether the nut shot was accidental or intentional.

Doctors were able to treat change and remove the bullet.

The suspect who was shot in the balls also survived but doctors were unable to repair his testicle.

The commissioner admitted that the raid could have been planned better and that his officers have a lot to work on.
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