Sexorcism: demon in woman's hoo ha, pervert says


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A woman in Guangzhou, China was defrauded of 20,000 yuan and taken advantage of by a self-proclaimed Taoist priest after he told her that he could see a demon in her privates, and the only way he could exorcise it was by having intercourse with her.

The man, surnamed Huang, claimed to be “Master Dragon Seeker”. He and his female assistant, whom he said was a geomancer, met the woman in the feng shui store where she worked in July, convincing her of their supernatural powers. The store employee, we’ll call Xin, confided in the pair over tea later on that she was in love with an unavailable man. Under the pretext of helping her, the two told Xin to book a room at a nearby hotel, specifically room A12 on the fourth floor, as that space had the strongest “chi” and they had performed many successful rituals there before.

Xin did as she was told, and was instructed at the hotel to shower and put on some lingerie, the purpose of which was so they could see what was in her body. At this point, the “geomancer” told Xin that she had been cursed, and only the master could set her free. They told Xin they would perform a ritual for the low price of 32,000 yuan, which works out to be about US$5,200. Only able to pay 20,000 yuan up front, Huang “convinced” his assistant to loan Xin the remaining 12,000 yuan, which would be paid off within 49 days, or her ghost would return.

Xin arrived at Huang’s house the next day, where she said she was too nervous to sleep - an apparently integral part of the process - so she was given sleeping pills to swallow with a bottle of beer. Again, she was told to shower and put on lingerie picked out by Huang, who told her that he could see a demon in her hoo ha, and the only way to get it out, apparently, was by inserting his ding-a-ling.

Huang dispelled any reservations Xin might have had about the situation by saying they weren’t actually having sex, as he put a condom on.

After the ritual was done, Xin came to her senses, and reported what had happened to police. She also said Huang claimed to have exorcised the evil spirit hiding in her privates in under five minutes, and said he was virgin who had never touched women before, so performing the ritual was actually a huge sacrifice for HIM.

Police managed to track Huang down and apprehended him on August 1, at which point he denied everything. According to Huang, he not allowed to do such things as a Taoist priest, and that authorities were welcome to have a doctor check. He also claimed to have severe diabetes that left him impotent for a long time. Oh, and he was also almost blind, he said.

Authorities probably didn’t believe him.
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