Seattle man breaks into office, eats $200 chocolates and naps

A man in Seattle broke into an office building, only to eat $200 worth of chocolates and fall into a sugar coma.


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SEATTLE — A Seattle criminal tried to pull off a burglary, only to be thwarted by his own greedy appetite.

According to a Seattle Police blotter, the unnamed 44-year-old snuck into the upper floors of a building in downtown Seattle on October 4, where he broke into a financial office.

An employee who was in the office at the time saw the man and hid.

Typically, burglars loot the place and make a run for it, but this fella's not really your usual suspect. Dude wanted a taste of the fantasy.

According to the employee, the man went into an office, rearranged a painting, and proceeded to wolf down 200 bucks worth of luxury chocolates. He then took his shoes, watch, and jacket off, and laid himself down on a nearby couch.

Chocoholics Anonymous was still in a sugar coma by the time the cops got there. He told the officers, "You will have to kill me to take me to jail," but got dragged outta there pretty quickly anyway.

Police booked the chocolate burglar into King County Jail in Washington for suspicion of burglary, malicious mischief, and two other warrants.

Here's hoping all that bougie chocolate in him will last until he gets out of the slammer.
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