Safari park owner viciously mauled by lion

A lion has been killed in South Africa for attacking the owner of a safari.


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LIMPOPO, SOUTH AFRICA — Shamba, a South African safari lion was put down this week after a close encounter with his park's owner.

Viral video from the weekend shows Shamba, like Harambe before him, going into beast-mode on a human. Terrified tourists can be heard screaming and crying in the background.

Footage shows center owner Mike Lodge, aged 72, inside an enclosure-type area being chased by Shamba. The Mirror reports Shamba was raised by Lodge for 10 years.

But for some reason, Shamba turned on the British expat and attacked, trying to drag him away from the Lion Mobile. That vehicle is one the Marakele center's star attractions. It lets tourists get up close and personal with the animals.

The video shows Shamba dragging Lodge away from the Lion Mobile before stopping.
And it all happened so fast, but the attack left Lodge with in critical condition, according to the Mirror, but he did survive. Shamba, sadly did not. He was put down by via rifle.
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