Russian pilot lets female passenger fly the plane

The woman has zero flying qualifications.


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THE UNQUALIFIED SKIES — Unbelievable footage showing a female passenger at the controls of a plane during a scheduled flight has really taken off in good old Mother Russia.
According to the Siberian Times, video appearing to show a woman flying the aircraft from the co-pilot's seat was sent to a Russian news website.
In the video, the pilot's voice can be heard giving instructions to Maverick, who is thought to be in her late 20s with zero flying credentials.

Russian reports say the incident occurred on a Russian airlines IrAero flight aboard an Antonov-24 from Yakutsk to Batagay.
The flight occurred on August 31, but the video has only recently emerged.
Investigators will probably spend decades piecing together how this footage made its way public.
It is most likely unrelated to the pictures and video of the flight on Anna's IG with the captions "This is unbelievably cool" and "Thank you!"
Strangely the account has mysteriously been deleted.
According to Russian news, the pilot involved in the Hot Shots incident is Kirill S.
IrAero airlines told Russian media that it is now investigating. A spokesman for the company said, "there are doubts that these materials have anything to do with our airline's activities in providing passengers transportation."
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