Russian airline passenger used a body double for his fat cat

Thanks to his social media posts, he's now lost hundreds of thousands of air miles.


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MOSCOW — A Russian cat owner is now short a few hundred thousand air miles for sneaking his fat cat aboard a flight using a hairbrained scheme involving a cat double.
He should have gotten away with it too, but for some unexplained reason, his air carrier Aeroflot found out.

It was most likely entirely unrelated to the man's Facebook post about the entire thing.
BBC reports that 34-year-old Mikhail Galin was flying from the Latvian capital of Riga to Vladivostok, which had a stopover in Moscow.

Traveling with Mikhail was his furry feline friend Viktor.

Everything was going along PURR-fectly, until Aeroflot staff refused to let Mikhail take Viktor into the passenger cabin for the second leg of his flight because of weight restrictions.
Aeroflot rules state pets weighing more than 17 pounds have to be shoved in the luggage hold. Viktor was tipping the scales at 22 pounds.

So what did Galin do? He delayed his flight so he could find a skinnier cat double to pass the airline's weigh in.
He returned the next day with the Viktor-lite version the next day and got past the check-in desk.

Mikhail then gave back the smaller cat to its owner at the airport before getting on the plane with Viktor for his flight to Vladivostok.
After his Facebook post about the entire ordeal went viral, Aeroflot took notice and decided to strip Galin of all his air miles.
The cat was contacted for comment, however by the time of publication TomoNews wasn't yet able to find out whether Viktor's miles are still good.
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