Romney Ryan ticket: Mitt chooses VP running mate


NSFW    Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate, has tapped Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan to be his running mate. Ryan is best known for his 2011 budget proposal "Path to Prosperity" that would have drastically reduced spending, taxes and deficits. He has also proposed introducing a voucher system that seniors would use to buy Medicare or private insurance.

Romney and Ryan have dubbed themselves America's Comeback Team. They have vowed a vigorous ideas debate in this election cycle. Their first order of business would be to overturn ObamaCare, which Romney and Ryan claim is too expensive.

Obama once famously humiliated Ryan. The president invited Ryan to the White House,
only to blast Ryan's Medicare plan as bad for seniors. Ryan saw the critique as dishonest.
The proposal was designed to be phased in over several years, coming into effect by 2023.

Romney and Ryan say the choice now is between a European-style debt crisis and prosperity.

Will voters see it the same way?
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