Robber's car gets stolen while he's breaking into a store

There's no honor among thieves these days.


NSFW    Justice is Served

KENNEWICK, WASHINGTON — There's just no honor among thieves these days, which one man experienced the hard way.

According to KEPR, Kennewick Police responded around 6 a.m. last Sunday to reports of a car being stolen.
KEPR reports that the owner of the truck, William Kelley, called authorities saying someone had jacked his red 1992 Chevy pick-up.
Police say a man noticed that Kelley had left his keys on his seat, so he did what anyone would do—he stole the vehicle.
The funny thing is, after the cops reviewed surveillance video of the incident, they discovered Kelley had parked his truck because he was busy breaking into a business across the street.
Kelley was tossed into Benton County jail on a warrant and a new burglary charge.
Now all the police need to do is find the person that boosted Kelley's Chevy. If you have any information and you don't mind being a snitch, call the Kennewick Police Department.
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