Researcher Claims Women Also Hunted 9000 Years Ago

After finding stone projectiles near a woman's skeleton, Californian researchers concluded that ancient women hunted


NSFW    PUNO DISTRICT, PERU — Researchers digging in a 9000-year-old burial site in Peru found stone projectile points near a woman's skeleton, and concluded that women hunted animals 9000 years ago.

According to a research article by California-based researchers, the find indicates that modern arguments around gender roles should be updated.

Among the projectile points, the diggers also found stone tools associated with carcass processing, a task that has traditionally been associated with female roles in ancient societies.

"We believe that these findings are particularly timely in light of contemporary conversations surrounding gendered labour practices and inequality," said paper author and anthropologist Randy Haas of the University of California, Davis.

It is assumed that if the woman was indeed a hunter, she must have had the muscular build and the mental attitude required to drive sharpened pieces of stone through large animals, and then cut their throats with a sharpened stone.
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