Reddit Island: stupid or genius?


NSFW    Reddit Island may soon be home to several hundred Redditors. The island would have no taxes, legal marijuana and internet. What else does a person need?

According to the official Reddit Island website, they want to develop "a cross between self-sustaining community and tourism spot." The web page already has 494 users, but so far no one has taken the initiative to buy the real estate.

Reddit users have faced criticism for their perceived misoginism and elitism, Reddit is nearly 70% male, so it will be interesting to see what would happen it they were allowed to build their own society on a tropical island.

Not only will the island be a self-sustaining libertarian utopia, but there will be weed farms, too! Now all they need are some women to think this insane idea is a good one in order to get some real growth to their island.

Would you move the Reddit Island?
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