Railway bridge collapses while girls snap selfie

Over a thousand miles north of Rio De Janeiro, three young women were posing for a selfie on an old bridge that was in disrepair last month. Before they knew it, the bridge gave way.


NSFW    Defying Death

XINGUARA, BRAZIL — One woman and two teenagers are lucky to be alive after a selfie almost turned fatal in Brazil.

According to Google-translated G1 article from April 23, the trio were visiting part of an old railway bridge they often go to with several others.

The bridge in question covers the river Cais in Xinguara, a rural area of the Castelo do Piauí municipality. That's northeast Brazil, and over 1,000 miles from Rio.

The young women went into part of an area on the side of the bridge that had cracks and decided to take a selfie. That's when the bridge gave way. Reportedly, they all dropped from a height of 10 meters. All survived the fall, but received differing injuries.

One of the teenagers broke her leg and had to undergo surgery. The other teen fractured her left heel. The woman also broke her leg. First they were treated at a local hospital, then transported 120 miles over night by ambulance overnight to another hospital for further treatment.

A hospital official said they were lucky to have landed into mud, otherwise it could've been more serious. Rail authorities told G1 the bridge is for rail use only.
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